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As there is no cure at present for arthritis, helping people with good self-management of their disease is paramount.

Arthrtis Self-Help Network brings people together, where you are not alone.

We are a small charity with a big reach.

The charity runs many educational and support initiatives for people suffering from arthritis.We have helped many arthitis sufferers by bringing them out of social isolation through our various projects and therapeutic programmes.

We bring people together and empower our patients to take charge of their conditions by offeringn a empathetic ear and cup of tea.

Our Consultant led forum provides an opportunity for patients to discuss their problems with an expert in an informal setting, enabling us to capture unaddressed issues and thereby providing a "voice" for the patients.

The unique make-up of our network has enabled people to form friendships and work together to help each other overcome many of the problems associated with the repercusions of the disease.

We count our success in the number of lives we have changed - both members and volunteers.


Our Team of Volunteers are of all ages, male, female and a diverse ethnic mix. Each individual in the Team brings a wide range of skills to the charity whilst volunteers come from diverse backgrounds and many are multi-lingual.

The volunteers regularly work in a variety of roles such as administration, self-help facilitators; clinic support; fund raising; film making; recording radio programmes, computer buddies in the 'Bee connected with ASNet' project as well as assistance on a variety of other projects and representing the charity on various health related committees.

The charity does not have any paid staff; but is patient led and operated entirely by volunteers therefore their contribution is paramount to the viability of the organisation. The charity regularly provides positive references, furthermore it has assisted several volunteers to gain skills and experience that has not only prepared them for employment but has actually been instrumental in them obtaining paid employment.

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