Graham O'Geran Chairman of the Board of Trustees

"I first came into contact with Asnet five years ago. I was immediately impressed with how much this charity does on such little income. We rely so much on volunteers and donators, every donation makes a huge difference. The team constantly seeks initiatives to raise money and they inspire me to be part of this wonderful group."

Diane Wynne-Fitzgerald - President & Secretary

"Arthritis is a much misunderstood disease and when I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis my life changed forever. I felt alone and struggled to find others to help me. Two things then reversed the path of my life, setting up a self-help group in 2002 which became the charity and receiving an anti-TNF treatment. I show my gratitude for all the help and support I receive from the NHS and the charity's volunteers by dedicating myself to helping others with any form of arthritis to manage their disease and cope on a daily basis."

Frances Hannan - Trustee

"I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at 29 and felt very alone and lonely managing the debilitating effects of the condition when others my age were making the most of life. When I first heard of ASNet I was struck by the idea of bringing people together to show them they are not alone and how to help themselves. I was delighted to be asked to become a Trustee and contribute to such a positive organisation."

Amarjeet Rani Bhamrah - Trustee

"I was diagnosed with Chronic Systemic Rheumatoid Arthritis at 19. I was devastated and my whole world/life as I knew it came to an end. I was planning go to university but spent most of the 1st yr in hospital instead.

I struggled for many years with emotions and questions I could not get help with. Years later I was told about ASNET by my GP. I have never looked back.

The support and advice given by this charity is invaluable. Our members volunteer their time and energy for fundraising activities with gusto. This enables us to continue, and strive on to offer information to people suffering with this debilitating disease, and allow them to enhance their lives regardless of this life changing illness, regain self-confidence and become independent again. All this and more is offered by this charity so you do not have to feel lost and alone trying to cope with life."

Deepak Singh Datta - Trustee

"I became involved with Arthritis Self Help Network over five years ago when I was made aware of the group by my local hospital. I met Diane Wynne Fitzgerald and was immensely impressed by her attitude to dealing with Arthritis her motto "You are not alone".

This was to me an important moment as someone who is afflicted with Arthritis I met someone whose ethos and mantra evoke positivity, together we can overcome. The illness which is so debilitating and isolating, has many advocates who together form this Charity, it is both inspirational and motivational in it's values and it has been a privilege to be part of this journey."

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