The Charity does not have any paid staff and is run entirely by volunteers who have helped tirelessly over the years making it possible to continue its work in the community.

Many people since we began have contributed in so many different ways it is not possble to list them all. Some have stayed with us only for a brief time and others worked with us from the start and continue with us today. Every one of the people who has been involved with Arthritis Self-help Network has made a difference.

Most volunteers know little about arthritis and its 200 different forms when they first join us but it is heartwarming to know that many continue to stay in touch and support us in different ways as their time with us gave them a greater understanding of the devastating nature of this disease.

Arthritis Self-help Network prides itself in the fact that it has helped many volunteers over the years to gain employment and has changed lives for many who suffer daily with one or more of the 200 forms of arthritis.

We are always looking for enthusiastic people to continue our work helping people in the community who have one or more of the 200 types of arthritis. Arthritis Self-help is an equal opportunity organisation and welcomes everyone as disease does not discriminate.


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